From reactive maintenance towards predictive condition monitoring

Standstills, especially unexpected production outages, are always expensive. Unexpected machine and equipment failures and production process interruptions often cause safety risks, final product quality defects and delivery delays.

On the other hand unnecessary costs may arise even then, when intact parts are replaced to err on the safe side – or “just in case”. As a result, the equipment may result in worse condition than before changes. Predictive condition monitoring and damage circumstance anticipation support trouble-free machine use. Predicitive condition monitoring enables a systematic and timely maintenance based on actual machine condition. Predictive condition monitoring helps in keeping the production running and brings peace of mind.

Trendion Ltd is a member of Finnish Maintenance Society, Promaint. Our experts have i.a. for long been working in Promaint’s condition monitoring committee and they have participated in making and updating of several corresponding standards. For more information about predictive condition monitoring, check also our article published in Promaint magazine (article available unfortunately only in Finnish).