Case Knauf

For Knauf Oy, Trendion has been monitoring the crucial production line machines of the Kankaanpää drywall factory already since 2006.

“About Trendion’s service and expertise:

– very fast reacting according to bearings’ condition monitoring value changes

– good professional analyses based on measured online data

– Often for example Trendion’s vibration analyst’s advice has been to implement some extra lubrication, and this easy and cheap mean has often helped us to normalize the situation.

– Long history of online monitoring together with Trendion’s professional condition monitoring expertise has helped us to eliminate surprising bearing changes in production. Whenever a bearing is lost, Trendion has also been able to clarify us a root cause for this.

– In addition to the online monitoring service, Trendion has also carried out e.g. balancings and various on-site measurements of machines in our factory site.

– Trendion’s service/response is not only limited into ”office hours”, but things can be handled despite the clock time and also on weekends if/whenever needed.”

Kalevi Luostarinen
Maintenance Manager
Knauf Oy